About Me

Hi, I’m Jeff and I’m a menswear designer, men’s style coach, self published author, artist, Reiki Master, and internationally known tech industry design coach.  As an honors graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, one of the top fashion design schools in the world, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to help you create a style of your own - one that will make you feel confident in any situation.

My 30+ years in the fashion industry has been spent designing textiles and fashion collections, and I’ve worked across the globe doing so.  I’ve co-designed a fashion line with an FIT buddy that made it into the tents at the NYC Fashion week shows.  The standing ovation we got and the international press proved that we have what it takes to make a man look and feel great.  We went against the norm of crazy, flashy fashion, and designed a line that was masculine, classic, and timely, and the industry responded.

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Every major clothing label in the US has used fabrics I’ve designed, and every department store has offered mens clothing that I’ve created the foundation for.  From gigantic textile mills in Asia, to tiny, family owned mills in Italy, I’ve researched, developed, and designed fabrics for every category of menswear on the market.  Most recently I worked on the design team for the Charles F. Orvis collection, the top of the line menswear collection at Orvis, featuring shirts, pants, jackets, outerwear, sweaters - everything, and the retail results were outstanding.

On the retail side, I’ve been on management teams with Banana Republic and The Mens Wearhouse, where I taught staff about fabrics and prints, and helped countless customers put together and purchase outfits that reimagined their style and their confidence.

My two other websites may also be of interest to you:  http://bachelorsurvivalguides.com and http://sagewarriorgentleman.com both of which are geared towards specific groups of men, and both of which teach more than just fashion style, they teach lifestyle.

My creative world is further expanded as a coach and mentor for young creatives, creator of http://taobitters.com - a craft cocktail bitters line, selling visual artist, curator and manager of an Artist of the Month program for an art themed bar in Cincinnati, and creator with my son of http://elitesoccerdrills.com with nearing a million views of our videos, a few book sales on Amazon, and copycats who loved our name so much they borrowed it for their own book.

So, I hope I’ve given you reason to trust me and my advice, but I realize that for whatever reason, you may not resonate with my background and short story.  I learn something new every day and do my best to pass on my knowledge and wisdom to others who need to hear.

Thank you.  I'm grateful for your time and interest.